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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Colors in the Southwestern U.S.

After many business trips in the U.S., mostly without a camera, I have traveled in April for two weeks in the southwestern United States for landscape photography. And I've seen all sorts of weather from -15 to +30° C  (5 to 86° F) - from a snow storm in Bryce Canyon to a sand storm in Monument Valley. Where the sand storm was much much less fun.... On the ride to the Hunts Mesa we got stuck in the sand and our guides (Navajo Indians) needed about two hours to dig out  the vehicle. With the result that the exercise was blown off and the Hunts Mesa trip canceled.

Beginning of the trip was however the Petrified Forest. A fascinating park with petrified trees and rugged landscapes that inspire.

The vastness of the Grand Canyon will continue to fascinate. Especially the early morning and dusk have a magnetic effect on me. This means often, that the alarm goes off at four o'clock ...

My favorite is the Canyon Bryce Canyon. And even more, if he shows after a snow storm in white-orange colors.

Somewhat unknown, the Wahweep Hoodoos near Page. To get to these fragile structures, one has to do a 3 miles walk through the desert. The effort is worth it. The erosion figures present themselves in the best morning light.

Special colors are found in the slot canyons - eroded sandstone formations. Some of which are very narrow and only reachable via ladders and some acrobatics. Unfortunately, the Navajo marketing people of the "Upper Antelope Canyon" are very active and so it is more like a "Madhouse " than a source of inspiration. Fortunately, there are hidden jewels that are still largely unknown.

Another highlight is the Monument Valley, even if the visit of Hunts Mesa was obstructed by the sandstorm.

The conclusion of the trip is a stay at the Valley of Fire. A paint box in nature. Especially in the early morning hours, at sunset or in the "Blue Hour", which means about half an hour after sunset, the magical colors of the bizarre forms come really to the fore.

A photo book of this trip is in progress and will hopefully be announced in the next newsletter.

Travel to Shetland
My next trip in July will lead me to Shetland. There I will take pictures of landscapes, especially sea birds (puffins, gannets, etc) and otters. Above all, otters are very shy and therefore difficult to photograph. More of it soon.