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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In addition to my "Wild Life" photo adventures I have traveled to Scotland last summer. A wonderful travel area, but many, many rain clouds. The journey went from Edinburgh to the West Coast and then along the coast to the northernmost point. Further along the East Coast and the Whisky Trail back to the starting point. We stayed overnight in palaces, castles and Guest Houses - a special experience.

From this trip I have made two photo books. You are now online and can be viewed on my website.

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More Photobooks can be found on my Homepage  www.rudolf-hug.ch .

Travel to Norway
My last trip to Norway, to photograph sea eagles, musk oxen and moose, was unfortunately accompanied by wet weather and strong winds of autumn. Nevertheless, in the few hours of dry weather, I could take some fantastic shots.

More in the next Newsletter. 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Calendar 2010

Also for next year I designed a calendar. My journey in the autumn of last year led me to South America. In particular, the colorful landscapes of the Altiplano have exerted a special fascination for me. The calendar 2010 is therefore devoted to these landscapes.

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The calendar (50x35cm format) can be purchased commercially at a price of 35 francs (plus shipping). If you like a calendar for yourself or purchase as a gift please send me an E-Mail (hg@mpl.ch) by 15 October. Delivery is then about mid to late November. For larger quantities the price is reduced for granted.

The Year 2009
The year 2009 was and is dedicated to nature photography. In February I photographed in Norway golden eagles, sea eagles, moose, lynx and wolves in the snow. In June I was on the Finnish-Russian border on brown bears and owls.
Next week I fly back to Norway in search of musk oxen, fishing sea eagles and elk in the autumn forest. Nature photography is very time consuming and requires infinite patience. Once I have enough material there will be a book and a calendar. The results so far are promising.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

South America

In addition to my varied business and economic policy activities, I do since several years "photographing". Allow me, in this way to occasionally refer to new work. Should this newsletter be undesirable or be sent to another address, please send me a mail to the address below.

Last fall I visited the countries Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. Highlights were the Atacama desert, the lagoons and salt lakes in Bolivia and canyons in northwest Argentina.

From this trip I have made two photo books. They are now online and can be viewed on my website.

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