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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snow storm instead of Northern Lights

Five years ago I was photographing in Sweden with the aim of the Northern Lights. Although the weather was beautiful at that time, there was no activity. Fascinated by the northern lights, I made a new attempt and have been traveling for four days toTromsø in Norway. This time the activity of the sun was good but, unfortunately, there was extremely bad weather. Almost the whole time it snowed, sometimes with violent storms and the cloud cover has only partially opened for a few minutes. So again, nothing! Nevertheless, I could photograph some atmospheric landscapes. A click on the pictures brings you to the gallery.

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For three minutes, the curtain opened and shared the view of the spectacle. And this was all for four days! I will definitely make another attempt to observe and photograph this spectacle for a longer time!
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Photo Tour in the U.S.
In April I will fly for two weeks to the southwestern United States to photograph landscapes with Jess Lee. Main places will be Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley and Hunt's Mesa. I am confident that the weather will be better there.


  1. Beautiful landscape shots Rudolph. I hope your trip with Jess Lee is good - I have heard good things about his trips but have not had the opportunity to attend one. Jeanne Hallum - (Seal River Polar Bear trip - Nov 2010)