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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo Book of Shetland

In July 2011 I have, as already reported, traveled to Shetland . From the impressive landscapes, the colorful puffins and the cheeky otters I created a Photo Book. Unlike pictures in a gallery, pictures in a book tell a story and trough the composition often create a whole different effect.

The Photo Book is now online and can be viewed on my website.

Simply click on the envelope and you can (with a mouse click in the corner) flip the pages of the book.

More Photobooks can be seen on my Homepage.  www.rudolf-hug.ch

My next trip
End of February I travel to Canada to
photograph polar bears with their cubs. An expedition of a special kind. In the heart of the Canadian tundra an old military base was turned into a simple lodge. From this base, we will be looking for the polar bears with Mattracks (special tracked vehicles) at temperatures down to -40°C . I hope for good pictures and temperatures that are not too deep.

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