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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yellowstone Nationalpark in Winter

Mid-January, I made a trip with a small group of photographers  (led by Juan Pons and George Wuerthner) to Yellowstone National Park in the USA. An impressive experience to photograph the bubbling, hot springs, geysers, the landscape and the wildlife in the depths of winter. Often the humidity of the steaming springs created at night an enchanted and "sugared" landscape. Although it was sometimes below zero degree Fahrenheit in the morning, during daytime temperatures rose to a comfortable level.

In winter, there are approximately 3000 bison in the park. Life is hard for the animals, because beneath the snow they hardly find food and live mainly on their fat reserves. These shaggy, primitive animals, that were once nearly eradicated, recall the pristine landscapes in the Wild West.


But also a variety of other animals can be photographed. Along the steep slopes in Lamarvalley there are many bighorn sheep. The impressive elk are mainly in the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole during the wintertime. Still, I could see some of the magnificent animals. With luck, I was able to photograph a bobcat  and a white tailed jackrabbit. Many other animals can be seen in the gallery on my website.

Also impressive are the hot springs and geysers. The contrast with the snow, hoarfrost which turnes the trees to mystical dreamscapes and colorful artworks of nature are like images from another world.


Next projects
Through the publication of my book "Eagle, Bear & Co.", which has taken a lot of time, I am a little behind with the books of my recent trips. In the near future I will devote my time to the books on Indonesia and Central Asia (along the Silk Road).
The project "Traditions in Appenzell" takes time and energy as well - but the results are promising so far.


  1. Great Yellowstone pics! (God, that place is beautiful & amazing!!)

    1. I had tentatively planned a trip to Yellowstone this winter which didn't materialize. You have inspired me. Great pictures.
      Dan Maico