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Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have travelled to Ladakh last July. In the middle of the Himalaya Ladakh is a part of India and lies between China and Pakistan. With driver, guide and a cook I have moved with a four by four vehicle and by foot between 3000 and 5400 meters above sea-level (9000 to 16200 feet). A lovely, meagre landscape with oases irrigated artificially in the Indus Valley and a w i de l an dscape on the plateau. Besides the visit of the Tibetan cloisters in this Indus Valley it was at highlight to stay with nomades for some days.
I have made two photobooks o f this journey . They are online now and can be looked at on my home page.
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My journey to Canada, to take photographs of polar bears, was a great success. We could approach the bears by walking as close as approximately 25 metres (75 feet), occasionally they walked by as close as 8 metres (24 feet) ! At temperatures around freezing point (however icy arctic wind) I was able to take lovely, idyllic photgraphs. A quite terrific, impressive experience.

More in the next newsletter.

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